internetsdairy (internetsdairy) wrote,

Is this what we want our children to be reading?

Look! Look! What do we see?
We see a pig.
It has an eye... where's the eye?
There's the eye!
(Touch baby's hand to the eye in the picture.)
-What Does Baby See? Anonymous.
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February 26 2012, 12:26:23 UTC 3 years ago

Valuable conditioning for when she has to wear augmented reality contact lenses to remain competitive in the job market!


February 26 2012, 12:29:55 UTC 3 years ago

So her career is going to involve putting augmented reality contact lenses onto cognitively enhanced pigs?


February 26 2012, 12:33:48 UTC 3 years ago

Yeah. It's like how all the manufacturing jobs got replaced by robot maintenance jobs. Soon, all the office jobs will be replaced by uplifted-animal management jobs. I hope the book also teaches her how to establish dominance over a chimpanzee and gracefully decline the sexual advances of a dolphin in a multi-limbed exoskeleton.


February 26 2012, 12:34:19 UTC 3 years ago

It's a living, I guess.


February 27 2012, 08:18:29 UTC 3 years ago

Look! Look! What do we see?
We see a chimp!
It has a smile.
Wait, that's a threat display!
Oh God it took my arm
(touch baby's arm)