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Delectable pellets

I reckoned Internetsbaby probably knows enough about what kind of noises animals make by now, so I thought I'd start her on vehicles. After all, she's coming up to Piaget's third stage of development (HGV licence).

Beep! Beep! looked like a good primer:

It's got all the vehicles - cars, lorries, steam trains humanely transporting circus elephants in special padded carriages etc. etc.

Now, as a parent, I expected it would be some years before my daughter was learning about stuff I didn't know. But on page five of Beep! Beep! what should I be confronted by but an owl driving a steamroller:

I thought I knew quite a lot about owls - they have exceptionally rotational heads, they sometimes have tufts, they only go either 'too wit' OR 'too woo', NOT BOTH* - but I had literally no idea they sometimes drive steamrollers.

Of course, now I think about it, it makes a lot of sense. It's easy to imagine an owl crashing silently through a forest at night on enormous iron wheels as silent as two dandelion spores colliding, manic, silent cackles echoing silently round the cab, before parking silently in a barn and silently scraping crushed mammal carcasses from the merciless metal cylinders of silent death with its beak and tongue.

I don't know why I hadn't thought of it before, to be honest, I mean, look, its skeleton is perfectly adapted to such behaviour:

I wonder what that owl is thinking?

*If you hear 'too wit, too woo' that is TWO OWLS.
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Ah 'Baby Touch', the ultimate book series. I shall be saying, "hello, funny little crab" when I'm on my death bed.
Is your priest a funny little crab?
...if you buy the ipad/iphone version of these Ladybird books you get disembodied babies' heads (like in your first image) rotating all the way round like Linda Blair those spirit creatures in, was it, Spirited Away?
She only likes books she can chew.
A likes things she can poke. I'd rather she poked the ipad than me, mostly.