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I can lock all my doors

I learned* Illustrator the other week. You can use Illustrator to draw anything. Anything! But mainly, according to the tutor, cars.

Most of his examples were based around drawing cars.
Circle tool. "Imagine you're drawing the wheel of a car..." Pen tool. "Imagine you're drawing a sinuous curve... like on a car." Exporting to print. "Imagine you want to print a pdf of your image, to look at in your car."

It wasn't a problem, this quirk,** really, as you have to practice drawing something, and cars are made of up of basic shapes and need colouring in etc. So very quickly we learned to do something like this:

And then over the last week or so I've got quite into practising. It's great fun - I can't draw with my actual hands but by cybercheating, astonishing photorealism is within my grasp, look:

I was trying to do a bowl of fruit, but I think that's a lot more impactful, don't you? I'm going to send it to Richard Hammond so he can use it as his screensaver.

*Did a two-day course and got a certificate in.
** I was a bit more nonplussed when at the end of the course he said, to the woman who had been wearing PVC platfrom Docs and skull earrings the whole time, "So, would you call yourself a goth?"
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So, would you call yourself a goth?
I can't tell you how many black babygros we have in Drummybabys wardrobe.
very groovy :)