internetsdairy (internetsdairy) wrote,

Various emotions

I have received academic correspondence!

Two German psychology students emailed me because they wish to use a photo I took as part of their diploma theses. But why? What place have photographs in a thesis, which should be just words of four or more syllables, and maybe a scattergraph?

Well, these intrepid students believe the photo I took may be capable of "triggering various emotions". I've had emotions, and I didn't like them, so to be honest, these students seem like reckless meddlers. But then, they are asking my persmission for using a photo which is already Creative Commons-licensed, so they also seem over-cautious. So I'm thinking they'll probably trigger the various emotions safely, into a jar.

Godspeed, German under-graduates! This is the photo they will be using:

It is definitely going to help humankind "better to understand human emotions and in the long run contribute to research into certain mental illnesses".
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