internetsdairy (internetsdairy) wrote,

Look at my nail

Look at my nail! It has split nearly in twain:

Actually, don't look, it's disgusting.

I don't actually know how it happened. The crack just came up with the nail as it grew, which means it happened inside whatever biological factory nails get made in. But how?


Is this the sort of thing that would be on House? I never saw House. But anyway, I think House is finishing so my nail will remain a mystery of medicine.

Apparently, according to the doctor,* it's fine, but now all I can do is queasily stare at, wondering if a wasp is going to lay its eggs in my nail bed, until the crack grows off the end. But how long will that be? I reckon if I eat enough gelatine I can get it down to four days.

This is the worst medical thing that could happen that doesn't involve eyes.

*Don't worry, I didn't just go to the doctor for this, I had a cough as well.
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