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In The Night Garden - a guide (part 3)

The Tombliboos are a trio of stripy idiots:

They live in a large green mound-like nest which they built themselves by chewing up the covers of Penguin crime books to form a sort of papier-mâché:

While the Tombliboos are intelligent enough to appreciate Dorothy L Sayers at some rudimentary level, they have not been able to construct a doorway through which they can comfortably fit. Within, the nest is a squalid midden of stale pretzels:

Even though the Tombliboos built their own nest and the Night Garden has no functioning economy or legal system, Mr Pontipine has managed to convince them that he is their landlord. Many episodes cover their disputes (see 'The Tombliboos Pretend To Be Out', 'Mr Pontipine's Angry Mustache' and 'Tombliboo Eee Smacks A Bailiff').

The Tombliboos set about Mr Pontipine after he refuses to fix their boiler in the controversial climax to 'Jello Biafra Comes To Stay'.

Here is the Tombliboos' greeting ritual:

Ragdoll Productions claims the striking similarities to the secret customs of the Freemasons are entirely coincidental.

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