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This is Ikea's Vandring Räv children's quilt cover:

Doesn't it look all woodlandy and idyllic? Doesn't it look conducive to a restful and refreshing sleep, such as you might expect if an elf were to chloroform you with an extract of moss?

But look closer and you'll see that no one is getting to sleep here:

No one:

Why? Could it be the casual reminder of the unpleasantness of predation?

Not really. I'm not sure kids really think of flies as being alive anyway so they probably don't care how many hours it takes them to die, pumped full of spider poo poo, and even the artist hasn't bothered to give them any eyes.

What about this cute little frog, though?

Aw, is it going to be friends with the hedgehog?


How about this happy family scene?

Those chicks absolutely look like their parent, don't they? Not like vampire cuckoos or anything.

I wonder if this is why our daughter nudged all our other babies out of the window?

Worst of all are these marching ants:

Marching ants! Such an obvious design to put on something you cover your body with while you sleep. I'm not sure it's popular with this fox.

I do hope if my daughter ever has to go through Calpol withdrawl, she does so when this marching ants duvet is in the wash. And we have the Nick Cotton one on instead.

And just look at the state of this owl:
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