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'Friends' policy
This sometimes seems to be a bone of contention on LJ for some reason. Probably because of the use of the term 'friends' as opposed to, say, 'links' or 'cyber colleagues'. So here is my short FAQ on the matter:
(1) Can I 'friend' internetsdairy?
Of course! It's only the internet. You don't need to ask. So long as you're wearing a hat, as you would in any public place.
(2) Will internetsdairy 'friend' me back?
Maybe, but probably not! There is already too much to properly keep up with, especially given the amount of time I have to devote to hating my enemies (see (3) below).
(3) If internetsdairy doesn't friend me back, does it mean he hates me?
Yes, yes, it does. I devote at least eight hours of every day to making tiny dolls of internet strangers. Then I spend the following hour crushing their facsimile heads against the breakfast bar with the back of a cereal spoon.